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Stax and Jill Savellano

Everyone has a chance to succeed as long as you dont quit!

Fairy tales still exist

A positive outlook and the right attitude made it possible for Stax and Jill Savellano to live a fairy tale-like life story. Even though Stax was born in a poor family, he never looked at it as a reason for him to be a failure. Instead, his unfortunate background motivated him to dream big and struggle hard to be successful in all his endeavours.

Having his fair share of trials and challenges, including the death of his beloved mother, which ingrained the pain of losing a loved one for the mere reason that they did not have money to pay for medical expenses. Stax at that time determined to remodel himself to be a dreamer, believer and survivor.

From academe to work, he garnered awards after awards - receiving them regularly had been a natural thing for him. His positive view in life paved the way for him to eventually become a field sales manager in a top pharmaceutical firm in the country.

The same positive attitude that he developed from his experiences and hardships have also been his valuable tool when he ventured into DXN.

Crown Diamond Osler Sto. Tomas was instrumental in Stax’s involvement with DXN. It was early in the year 2000 when he introduced DXN to Stax.

During that time, there were not so many service centers with plenty of stocks. “We were talking with our prospects by smelling the empty sachet of Lingzhi Coffee. Our presentation materials were photocopied manuals and product literature,” he said, adding that they were already Star Rubies when they received their sales kits.

Ever wonder how did they survive with practically nothing? Stax shared that they told themselves “This is not something that we felt bad about”. They reacted positively on the situation, avoided to look for convenient blames and never resorted on complains. For the reason that, should they do so, “negative energies will be transferred to my network and eventually, we will have a network of negative and complaining distributors”, he noted.

Eight months before his 35th birthday, on October 10, 2004, Stax resigned from his job as a field sales manager, 30 years earlier than the normal retirement age. For him, the reason was simply because, “I was able to dramatically improve the quality of my life through DXN, faster than I thought possible, and I have achieved an authentic balance between my family and professional time,” he said.

Indeed, in this information age, where computers and terrorism are ways of life, fairy tales still exist

Teena Tolhoek

Senior Crown Diamond - Australia

For twenty years, I operated a medium business enterprise that involved designing a clothing range, manufacturing, wholesaling and also retailing. Although it was lots of hard work, it proved very successful, but times changed after the influx of cheap clothing from China, so I sold that business. Early in 2003, my new jobs (I had two) meant travelling many hours to and from the workplaces each day. I began to experience regular headaches and feel the strain of work overload. I was very concerned about my health.

A friend in Sydney told me about Ganoderma as a possible answer to my health concerns so I decided to try it. After just 10 days, I started to experience more energy, better vision, better sleep and many other benefits, including relief from my headaches. I began to tell people in my workplace about it, and soon others were reporting astounding results, especially when serious illness was a problem.

Once I was sure that DXN´s Ganoderma was a reliable product and the demand for it would continue to grow, a decision was made to promote it in a professional manner. Learning the DXN business plan and also studying everything available about how and why Ganoderma works in the body, it was then possible to begin conducting public meetings about it.

Another decision was made to open a DXN Service Centre to ease members´ access to the products. Australia after all is a wide-spread country. This was an immediate success and its business grew so fast that it became the busiest in Australia, winning the DXN award for the "Highest Sales for the Year" after only 5 months. From the start, I worked diligently on the business, taking every opportunity to promote Ganoderma and its health benefits and making sure something was achieved everyday, keeping busy training and helping other members to achieve success too.

As a result of a positive attitude, continual improvement in knowledge plus hard work, success came, by becoming free to travel, with good income and the pleasure of helping others to enjoy good health and a quality life.

In July 2006, Australia´s First "Crown Diamond" status was achieved, being proudly recognised on stage by Dr Rathna and Professor Vasupaliah, the First Crown Diamonds of India. In October/November 2006, I double qualified to attend the First TSI trip to Europe along with many other international qualifiers. Many good friendships were made and it was a wonderful experience had by all.

I have since achieved Senior Crown Diamond status. Thank you Dato´ Dr. Lim and DXN, for providing quality products and a Business platform, so focused and innovative people have the best opportunity to build their business and take it to any level they desire.


Laszlo Kocso and Aniko Kocso-Fodor

A Marketing Professor once told me that if you want to be the best at something, you have to work with the best.

I started looking for the best ganoderma company on the Internet in the summer of 2008. That was how I found DXN. I immediately decided to travel to Malaysia in order to personally get better acquainted with DXN.

One of the biggest life changing moments for me was an accidental meeting. Meeting Jane Yau was the greatest and best first impresssion I could ever have of the company as she unselfishly and tirelessly helped me and still helps me today amass a huge amount of knowledge on ganoderma. I consider it a great honour to have her as my sponsor.

In setting up my DXN business, the Internet and the online business-building model played a key role. Thanks to my 12 years of online marketing specialized knowledge and experience I could provide an online well-functioning MLM business model to my downlines.

I already knew at the beginning that enthusiasm and setting a good example are the most important elements for success. With enthusiasm based on honest and authentic experience, you are able to have an enduring effect on other people. We are in an easy situation with our DXN business, because DXN's excellent products result in exceptionally fast and spectacular product testimonials, which create the base of reliability and sincere enthusiasm.

In a MLM business, setting a good example is a very important task for a leader. In a MLM business, the leader has to be like an adviser who helps his downlines reach their goals. It was important for me to be the first in Europe to reach the level of Crown Diamond and within a short period of time. Twenty two months after the opening of the Europe market in 2009, I succeeded in achieving my goal and target by attaining the status of Crown Diamond.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my spouse, Anikó for her support as I would not have been able to do it without her. The most wonderful soul-mate, mother, who when needed, held down the fort at home when I was doing my business besides actively helping me expand my business. We hope that with our mutual success we can set an example as well as give faith and motivate other families.

I am obliged to our CEO, Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin, that he honoured me with his trust and gave me an opportunity to open the European market. I would also like to thank my partner, István who believed in the vision of an European DXN business with me. I am grateful to my Diamonds and to my future Diamonds, who have worked hard with me to achieve mutual success, which is not just about the business but which is much more than that.

To my colleagues, my most important message is the following : Have fun in the business and talk about your own life stories and product experiences.

Suman and R.K. Sharma

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin, CEO, DXN is truly trustworthy, and indeed helped a lot of people from their sufferings - physical, mental, financial and spiritual. The vision and dream of Dr. Lim to heal the world has come true. Desire to live long, healthy life, life without pain, quality life, have become a dream because of modern lifestyle, use of strong drugs, alcohol and tobacco, weak immune system and increased exposure to toxins and lack of time for exercise as well as stress and tension.

Since May 2002, I had a great opportunity to meet a large number of people suffering from chronic diseases, such as Asthma, Diabetes, Heart problems, Cancer, Liver problems (Hepatitis A, B, C), Kidney problems, Arthritis, Sinus, Piles and Migraine etc. These are called captive diseases, once they come, in spite of various treatments, they remain and affect quality of life. Ganoderma is an ideal product which normally works on body cells having no side effects and contain preventive results as well as anti-aging effects. “Let the food be the medicine and the medicine be the food" quoted by the father of medicine Hippocrates thousands of years ago. DXN Ganoderma has proved it to be 100% true. We are very grateful to Dr. Lim for making such wonderful herb which we consider as the "ray of hope" for terminally-ill cases.

As birth is a natural process so doing a job is a natural necessity of life. At the time of joining DXN, I never thought that it would create such wonders in my life. I have great satisfaction and pride in extending this noble opportunity to many people and believe that it will change their quality of life. It is quite a new concept which is not only effective but also very simple. We have to use DXN products and tell the goodness of the products to others. The extraordinary products of this great company have such miraculous results. The success in DXN is guaranteed because of simple marketing plan and excellent products which speak for themselves. I enjoy working in DXN. It came in my life as a Ray of Hope. We can impart and share the same way to others' lives by working in DXN. Now, to spread the message of DXN and Ganoderma to the humanity became the main objective in life.

I am heartily grateful to DXN, RG/GL, DXN staff, our business associates, stockist and specially all the leaders who have contributed a lot in our success.

3D formula of success

1. Determination: Determine what you want to do.
2. Dedication and Devotion: Dedicate and devote your total time and energy to DXN.
3. Destination: If you have quality efforts then nothing is impossible.

So spend it usefully in the development of your knowledge and skill so that you can be the best. Your honest, sincere and dedicated efforts will certainly do good to you, your family, team and humanity.

So join DXN and enjoy, health, wealth and happiness.

Accountability: The battle cry for any business is performance, productivity and accountability



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