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Household Products


Dish detergent – Dish Cleen

Dish detergent – Dish Cleen Effectively removes grease and food scraps


Multipurpose cleaner – Sheen

Sheen is a remarkable concentrated, multi-purpose grease removal. Suitable for surfaces e.g. walls, floors, windows etc.


Car wash – GT-Wash N Shine

For unique car care, this car shampoo washes and waxes cars in one operation.


Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Uniquely designed bottle and cap, which is more user friendly, ensures easy cleaning of hard-to-reach area. A pleasant and fresh fragrance for your toilet.


Laundry Detergent – Dyna Cleen

Dyna Cleen can remove stains and kill bacteria on synthetic surfaces and provide dirt-free clothes. Dyna Cleen is also gentle on fabrics and hands. It has also a pleasant floral citrus fragrance that leaves clothes appealingly fresh after washing.

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DXN Dilution Bottle

- DXN Dilution Bottle
Easy to use
– Just press to open, squeeze and pour
– Dilution ratio is marked for more convenient us


DXN Q-Pro Diesel Fuel Additive

The DXN Q-Pro Diesel Fuel Additive offers an easy-to-use technology solution to clean the injector and combustion deposits. Beside that, it also reduces sulphur emissions and enhances the lubricity and cetane performance, in order to protect fuel injectors and overall fuel system. DXN Q-Pro Diesel Fuel Additive is a non-extractable (no sediment) and ash-less conditioner that serves as a multi-functional lubricant. It is non-corrosive and does not contain any solids.


DXN Vegi Cleen

DXN Vegi Cleen is a liquid solution that is safe for washing your fruits and vegetables. It contains ingredients from natural sources such as grapefruit extract and organic tea tree oil which provide a pleasant and natural aroma as well as help to clean your produce without leaving any unpleasant aftertaste.

The primary cleansing substance in DXN Vegi Cleen is derived from corn and coconut oil. This biodegradable substance helps remove/clean the wax, soil and agricultural chemical residue from your fruits and vegetables. It also helps to slow down the oxidation process on your farm produce. So with this environment safe product, you can enjoy fresh tasting fruits and vegetables. Without a doubt, clean food just tastes better!