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“Pay close attention to this six-part training series. I’m holding nothing back!” –Mark Yarnell





PART ONE: The Percentages You Need to Understand in Order to Grow Your Business Big




PART TWO: How to Turn From Amateur to Professional – You Can Do It!




PART THREE: What is an Upline Tracker? How Can You Use This Strategy to Succeed in Networking?




PART FOUR: Data Specific Recruiting – A Million Dollar Idea!




PART FIVE: How to Avoid Major Land Mines That Can Blow Up Your Career




PART SIX: How to Apply Two Special Habits to Grow Your Business





“15 Years Left”

Network Marketing Training Fundamental Skill #1: Mindset


Fundamental Skill #1: Mindset

The best part of network marketing is that ANYONE can be successful. Desire and persistence are important but you also have to be good at the 5 Fundamental skills inorder for you to be really successful.

Every successful MLM distributor that earns over $100,000 has some form of mastery in each of these 5 skills.

1) Mindset
2) Marketing
3) No Hype Selling
4) Leadership
5) New Market Expansion

Today we will talk about the importance of having the right Mindset.

What it Means to Have the Right Mindset

Here are a few tips on how to have the proper mindset and success habits to be successful in network marketing.

The BIGGEST problem I had faced when I first started … which caused me to be a pathetic failure and earn no money in my first 2 months was because I was NOT CONSISTENT.

I had no boss to tell me what to do… if I was “lazy” for 1 day, I did not get fired.

I would do the business a few days a week but I was NEVER consistent.

I would do it on a Monday… then take Tuesdays off… then do it on Wednesday… then take Thurs through Saturday off (cause no one works on weekends I thought) and then on Sunday I would dread going to work the next day and work network marketing on Sunday… that was my schedule… and let me tell you… that type of commitment simply DOES NOT WORK!

You have to be consistent

Once I got sick and tired of not making money and made the decision to do the business CONSISTENTLY AND EVERYDAY, then things magically happened and I earned my first check and then second check and the rest is history!

You must be consistent!!!

Here are some other tips on having the proper mindset:

Difference Between an Entrepreneur and an Employee

Understand that you are an entrepreneur and the difference between an entrepreneur is that entrepreneurs are underpaid in the beginning but then overpaid for the rest of their life… while employees are overpaid in the beginning but underpaid for the rest of their lives.

To clarify this…


You don’t know what you are doing and you need training but your company is still paying you a full salary.

However, once you get your job down and are fully cranking, you are producing much more value to your company than the company pays you.

You are overpaid in the beginning but underpaid for the rest of your life at that company.

As an entrepreneur such as in network marketing, you may not make much money in the beginning…

you are underpaid but once your business picks up momentum, you will overpaid for the rest of your life and enjoy a lifestyle that will make your friends jealous.

Ask, “How Can It Work?”

When things don’t go well, don’t explain why it did not work. And don’t lose faith in the business because network marketing works!

It just did not work for you.

But that does mean it does not work.

So instead of wasting time to explain why it did not work, instead ask yourself HOW CAN YOU MAKE IT WORK?

How can you make it work next time?

This will give you an attitude that it CAN be done but you just have to figure it out.

The Power of Self Development

Learn the unleash the power of self development.

Remember, I was a pathetic failure and had zero skills when I first started. All I knew was sports and NBA basketball and I did not know how to do sales nor have any business experience.


anyone can be successful in multi-level marketing if you have an attitude to learn.

I believe that God blessed each one of us with unlimited potential and everyone can be successful.

But we must give it time for our potential to develop.

Commit yourself to at least 30 minutes a day to read or listen to audios and if you do this over time, you will achieve the success you want!

I still remember when I first started, I would listen to CDs like this and play them in my car and then rewind them and play them and then rewind them again to listening to them over and over again until the lessons sank in.

And once they sank in, I would apply them.


Many people ask me about my secret to success and THAT is the secret to my success.

It is my fanatical devotion to self development.

I am learning nonstop because it is so much fun!

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing yourself grow and network marketing allows you to do that!

Our profession allows to grow and fulfill our potential.

Sometimes things may be tough but… as I often teach my teams…


Because as long as you are learning, you will soon earn.

You can see how fanatic and passionate about this subject… because it was the combination of CONSISTENCY AND SELF DEVELOPMENT that got me out of my first 2 month rut and helped me earn my first check.

And once I started being consistent and investing time in self development, everyday, the magic of network marketing started to happen!

and yes… I still read and listen to audios everyday!

Benefits of Network marketing

I always say… there are 4 benefits to our network marketing profession: (in order of importance)
1) helping others
2) improving your health
3) watching yourself grow
4) earning extra income.

Watching yourself grow is one of the MOST rewarding things in life and special thanks to the MLM profession for introducing me to the world of self development and allowing me to unleash my potential.

and now… it is up to you!

Go commit yourself to self development!


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