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DXN Icing on the Cake


Turn your Php8,000 into Millions ! ! !

What is it?

  • ICING is an additional opportunity for distributors to maximize their income potential added on top of the CAKE which is the existing Marketing Plan of DXN.

Who can participate?

  • Active Distributors
  • Inactive Distributors­­­
  • New Distributors

joining dxn icing on the cake:


Step No. 1    A Participant must fill-in a Letter of Intent (LOI).
Step No. 2     The Participant shall submit the Letter of Intent (LOI) to the Project Coordinator/   Staff for  verification.
Step No. 3     The Participant shall be informed to proceed to payment after verification of the   Letter of Intent (LOI).
Step No. 4     To make the payment, the Participant must fill-in an Availment & Payment Form.   The amount of PhP 8,000.00 must be paid in one-time Cash payment only. All   payments can be made through DXN Head Office or deposit through DXN Bank   Accounts only. An Official Receipt shall be issued for any payment made. No one   is authorized to collect any amount of money representing DXN.
Step No. 5      The Participant shall submit the Product Order Form upon payment.
Step No. 6     Products shall be released to the Participant through DXN Branches or    Authorized Service Centers nationwide after verification of payment.
Step No. 7     Prior to release of products, the Participant shall be required of the Official   Receipt.
Step No. 8     The Participant must ensure the completeness of the products released   according to the Product Order Form.

Business Opportunity
•      Do you have P 8,000 cash?


What business can you do with P 8,000?

•      How much can you earn with P 8,000 as capital?
•      You can start doing DXN business by investing in Icing On The Cake.

Icing On The Cake
By paying P 8,000
1.     You will automatically become a member of DXN
2.     You can buy DXN products at DP price totaling  P 7,700 and a member kit of P 300
3.     You will be provided with the basic training to do DXN business

One Stone Killing 8 Birds
1.     No matching of pair is required.
2.     No maintenance is required.
3.     Receive advance payment for any recruit.
4.     Invest once and reap the passive income for ever.
5.     Seed stock for replenishment.
6.     PV recognition for status promotion.
7.     Compression on a monthly basis.
8.     Given a Certificate of participation for inheritance.

 Other Advantages
•      No loss of SV point.
•      Can buy any mix of products.
•      The P8k package is affordable to most people.
•      Help to increase recruitment and bonus under the existing marketing plan.
•      Help to be promoted faster under the existing marketing plan.

•      Member can buy any number of units to create new lines. But only 2 generations can be created  using  units  bought  in his/her own name. From the 3rd    generation  onwards, it should be real new  members in their Membership code.

•      If  a  member  opts  to  buy  more  than  1  unit,  all  the units shall be purchased under the same hierarchy.
•      The iupcode must be defined if the member wishes   to park his/her own units or downlines  under  any specific  line other than the 1st unit

Some features of existing DXN Marketing Plan:

  • Global Plan – One World One Market, One Global Network – you can build your network all over the world
  • Low Pressure, High Reward – Low maintenance, high percent of bonus payout
  • Enjoy Worldwide Profit Sharing And Overriding – International profit sharing, Leadership Bonus
  • Flexible Network - Reward for both width and depth expansion
  • Fair Plan – Downline can overtake upline after they breakaway
  • Achievable Plan – Low target for promotion, low monthly maintenance for bonus
  • Retirement Plan- For high rank distributor, qualification PV can be borrowed for passive income
  • Win-Win Plan – When downline promoted, upline will get better reward with higher %.
  • Travel Seminar Incentives For Different Categories Of Qualifier – Taking care of both higher and lower level distributors

I am really like DXN Marketing Plan and it is good to work with it. There is only one little part, what is harder a little bit. It could be slower in the beginning. So the best is to reach the Star Diamond level as soon as it possible, because you could get a better and higher bonus after all your effort,

They try to find a solution on this situation.

In DXN they always look forward to develop strategies and tools to facilitate and empower the business of each one of our Distributors.

DXN Icing On The Cake (IOC) is an Icing on the existing cake, which is an additional compensation plan (uni-level) added to the existing Marketing Plan of DXN.

There are many Exciting benefits for being part of the IOC, Some of
these are:

1. You can start to Earn Exponential Additional Income .
2. It Increases your Recruitment Rate under the Existing Marketing Plan.
3. It promotes you faster under the Marketing Plan.
4. There is No Monthly Maintenance Required. There is no any qualification or monthly maintenance needed to entitle for this bonus.
5. Dynamic Compression applies:  If a member did not join this plan, the IOC bonus based on iSV shall be passed over to those uplines who already joined according the compressed hierarchy.
6. One Time Purchase! Life Time Entitled! Invest once and earn forever.
7. Accelerates Network Expansion.
8. You will receive TWO Kind of Bonuses:
Uni-Level Bonus ( 5% to 15%) – Until 11th Level !
Icing Profit (1.5%) – Until Infinity!

The IOC is open for all members. There will be a grace period until 31st May 2014 to purchase your IOC unit for you and your Network group before the first IOC bonus will be computed.

You may visit any nearest DXN branches in your home country DXN branch for more info or to purchase iPackage.

Join DXN now and BE part of the ICING ON THE CAKE ! ! !

Thank you.